SDS Photography's RCP is initiated by a mother-daughter photographers' team to get everyone, especially youngsters, to learn new skills. These can be achieved through teamwork and various forms of activities such as discussing ideas, experimenting with compositions, interacting with each other, bouncing-off ideas, learning to observe the surroundings and asking questions. These activities are designed to help build their confidence and learn essential life skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, learning to adapt, self-awareness, resilience, and most of all, coping with stress.

In today's competitive world, kids face various kinds of emotional and mental pressures, such as school, peer and parental, plus keeping up with the ever-changing technology, and so on. Their developing brains do not know how to deal with these, or to prioritise things, and as a result, they start to feel overwhelmed, unable to cope with the rising demands.


Spending time in smaller groups, learning a new skill, especially photography, where they are required to think, observe and be mindful of their surroundings, help the children and adults both in improving their concentration, and their ability to focus amid distractions. These are the moments when they can take their minds of other stressful demands. It helps in mental rejuvenation, and enhances creativity. 

Most of all, they learn by having a lot of fun. They also get to make new friends.


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Lead member and Proprietor: I am Sapna B. Sharma (pka Sapna Dhandh-Sharma). I did my degree in Biochemistry and my post graduation in Life Sciences. Photography started early for me and stayed through my other education, and the rest of my life. I am a London mum of two daughters. I am a photographer ( SDS Photography ) with over 25 years of photography experience, an editor of Aspect Ratio Magazine of Photography, a member of the Royal Photographic Societyand a National Trust photographer and member volunteer. To juggle between different roles is a skill in itself that I have learnt to perfect over the years. Besides learning time-management skills, I have also learnt the art of focussing on the task at hand over worrying about several at the same time.

Photography has developed my ability to concentrate on a task well, observe the world around me, love life, interact more with people, be compassionate and understanding, enjoy nature, and so on. It has been similar to being in a meditative state at all times, as it induces relaxation to my mind and body.


Both my daughters, who would use my old cameras in their spare time, noticed an improvement in their ability to concentrate on their school work. This is mainly because photographing objects/life in nature requires concentration, and many a time, patience. 

I also encouraged them to build things that can be used for photography purposes by finding scrap materials, boxes and other odds and ends found around the house. They built a pinhole camera, props, reflectors, diffusers, still-life tents, and so on. They learnt to improvise. To be proactive. This is what most parents enjoy their children do, be involved in productive and relaxing activities.

I strongly believe that when people, at any age, are exposed to an environment that takes them away from their daily stresses, and also allows them interaction with the world around, through observation and other forms of communication, it reduces stress, improves concentration, induces learning, increases physical and mental strength, helps improve social and behavioural skills. The overall people skills that are most essential in today's fast-paced world gets enhanced through such interactions.

With this in mind, I decided to share this experience with young people. Children, being at the foundation stage of their growth, can adapt sooner and develop this into a habit that will last a life-time, but it is not too late for anyone. It is never too late to change. Habits can be left and acquired at any stage in life, as long as it is desired.

These programmes are designed for schools and independent group or one-to-one learners.

You are welcome to call me on +44 7901214493

Staff Member: I am Malavika Sophie G. Sharma. I have been interested in photography from a very early age. I always had access to cameras because of my mum's passion for photography. I have photographed a variety of things over the years - people, still-life, nature, streets, and travel portraits and places. I have a Licentiate Distinction of the Royal Photographic Society.

I am now a university student, doing a degree in photography. I love teaching photography to children.

I sing opera, musicals and classical and have successfully completed Grade 7 Trinity Music Exams in Performance, and working towards Grade 8. I am a self-taught guitarist.

Photography has given me a lot of focus in life. As I continue to learn it, I get better at achieving my other goals too. I want more people to learn what I have learnt, as it is very enjoyable and a great activity to relax in free time. I have decided to support my mum in this programme as I genuinely believe it will help many people in learning important skills in a fun and relaxed way.

I started assisting my mum on photography shoots that helped increase my confidence and skill. I am a National Trust photographer and a member volunteer. I am currently working with her on photographing items of collection at a National Trust property and also helping her with the magazine work.

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